Raspberry Pi B+ Enclosures

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Raspberry Pi B+ Enclosures
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Raspberry Pi B+ Enclosures




Product Details: 

This stylish case complements the Raspberry Pi B+ computer and has many design features intended 

to utilise the wide capabilities of the Raspberry Pi B+. 

 Two piece construction, base and cover, moulded in a lightly textured ABS plastic.

 Cover features two mounting positions for the camera, one internally (fixed with supplied 

screws) or fitted to top of case in purpose designed mounting slot. Cover also features cable 

access slots for the camera and screen ribbon cables

 Base has side clips which positively locate the Raspberry Pi B+ board into position allowing it 

to be operated with or without the cover in place (giving easy access to the GPIO and other 


 Base comes with four rubber feet and also features two screw slots to allow the enclosure to 

be vertically mounted.

 Cover can be easily removed without the need to unplug key cables.

 The cover features access holes to allow viewing of the operation LED’s.

 Vented base to allow through air flow.