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Kobo Aura
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Kobo Aura



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So that it is easy to adjust anyone's hand, I realized Kobo Aura thinnest, the 8.1mm and ease of having. 
Ease with one hand in the surface coating with a sense of luxury, it is hard to slip even thin. It is a design for love for you to immerse yourself in reading.


Does not feel the burden even continue to have, 174g of ultra-light. Cut diagonally across the back, and ease of having a familiar hand. 
Intact, performance has been achieved surprisingly light feelings shape and material.


Built-in memory 4 gb whooping 2 times from conventional product(kobo glo). 3,000 point minute, about 60-150 point minute if comic Making this text-based * 2 You can more than ever, you are carrying a lot of books. It is expandable up to 32G SD card in the course.


Without reflection even under sunlight the sun Kobo Aura, in the latest front light built-in, you can enjoy reading at any place even in a dark place such as bedroom.


Character size of this is freedom if Kobo Aura. Because it read in large letters, It is popular for those who character of paperback has become hard to read. You can enjoy a comfortable life reading towards the generation of all.